Formal Recruitment will be September 11-15, 2013

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    Philanthropy Night- September 11 or September 12

    Olmsted Center & Chapter houses on 34th Street

    Visit each of the five Panhellenic chapters at Drake University and begin your conversations with chapter women. 


    Sisterhood Night- September 13

    Olmsted Center & Chapter houses on 34th Street

    Spend time with up to four chapters, learning more about what makes each chapter unique.


    Preference Night- September 14

    Olmsted Center & Chapter houses on 34th Street

    A more intimate view of up to two chapters, allowing you to see what makes each chapter special.


    Bid Day- Septmeber 15

    Olmsted Center

    The last day of recruitment where you get to accept your bid and celebrate with your new chapter.



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    Panhellenic Council Vice President of Recruitment

    The Panhellenic Vice President of Recruitment is Sarah Birkholz. She can answer any questions you may have about sorority recruitment. Contact her by email at sarah.birkholz@drake.edu