Fraternity Recruitment

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      • Fraternity Recruitment will be taking place September 8th-13th 2015.


        Register for Fraternity Recruitment here: 


        Introduction Night - September 8th or 10th

        Meet in Olmsted: Pomerantz Stage

        Opportunity to meet with and talk to members of all fraternities 


        Open Days- September 11th 

        Olmsted Center and Chapter houses

        Spend more time with individual chapters that you would like to go back and visit.


        Invite Only- September 12th 

        Invitation is required to attend Chapters

        Meet in Olmsted Center, Pomerantz Stage to recieve ivitation list

        Spend time with the chapters you are seriously considering joining


        Bid Day - September 13th

        Olmsted Center- pick up your bid(s) anytime between 12pm-4pm

        That last day of recruitment when you accept your bid and celebrate with your new chapter.


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        Do your parents have questions about fraternity life? Click here for answers.


        The Interfraternity Council Vice President of Recruitment is Chris Hartung.  He can answer any questions you may have about fraternity recruitment.  Contact him by emailing